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Our pre-employment interviews, testing services and background evaluations have helped hundreds in business to hire the right executives and employees. Police and fire departments throughout Ohio use our services for screening and internal investigations.

Poly-Tech will interview and screen
your applicants in person.

Our complete "Executive Screening" provides:

• Biographical Sketch of your job candidate
• Profile from multiple sources, summarizing the candidate's strengths and potential weaknesses
• Resume Verification with notation of any descrepancies
• Theft propensity & Substance use propensity instruments
• Personality Profiling
• Drug Screening results, if Drug Testing is desired
• Findings from public records, such as Bankruptcies, Incorporations, Criminal Convictions, etc.
• History of Drugs, Alcohol or Gambling in compliance with The American Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Civic Involvement and Leadership roles
• Comments from references and associates
• Psychological Evaluation, if desired, by a state licensed Ph.D.

Applicant Surveys & Assessments

• Theft and Substance Abuse Propensity
• Work Ethic
• Personality
• General Intelligence/Aptitude
• Basic Skill

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