Mission Statement
To provide government and corporate investigative, safety and security solutions for maximum protection of personnel and assets - and for peace of mind.

Threats come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Whether the threat is in the form of employee theft or as extreme as a suicide bomb, the fundamental goal of good intelligence is to warn. ISSG is in the business of conducting detailed inspections of private and public facilities to pinpoint where vulnerabilities lie, and recommend ways to prevent disasters.

When it comes to safety, be proactive.
Think ahead about prevention, so you're not sorry later!

The Investigative Safety and Security Group, ISSG, offers a wide range of protective services, including: Physical Plant and Building Assessment, Environmental Threat, Fire/Safety, Disaster Management and more. The ISSG staff has more than fifty years of collective experience in public law enforcement, corporate loss prevention and threat assessment.

• Are you sure your office has secure entry and exit points?
• Do you have surveillance cameras in the right places?
• Is your information technology system safeguarded?
• Are you screening employees properly?
• Are your company secrets secure?
• Have you reduced the chances of theft, fire and other crimes?

With offices in Cleveland and Akron, ISSG serves public and private clients across Ohio. Company founder William D. Evans II leads a team of highly trained specialists in on-site inspections to assess potential threats.

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