Professional Polygraph Service

Poly-Tech stays on the leading edge of the polygraph profession.

Polygraph service

We have conducted thousands of polygraph examinations since 1977, serving the legal profession and law enforcement statewide. We've been using digital computerized polygraph since 1995, well in advance of others. We also continue to use conventional analog polygraph instruments.

Accurate Results

Polygraph consistently attains a very high level of reliability and validity. Based on a number of studies, the accuracy in criminal investigations shows the reliablility of these examinations to be very high. Depending on the study, test validity can reach 98%. Learn more »

Data Storage

Computerized polygraph results can be stored on disk and saved for later review. As a result, access to stored information is immediate. Sometimes algorithms are used to further assist in examination results. Learn more »

Quality Output & Display Options

Computerized polygraph is digital, which means that there is a high signal to noise ratio making it very sensitive to physiological responses. In addition, the integrity of the data from the original examination is easily preserved on the hard drive, or by transfer to disk storage. Learn more »

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